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Index of items sent by Leidy, Joseph

June 30, 1915
Leidy, Joseph
Osler, William

Leidy is in Rhose Island until the fall. He encolses only one of the few drawings he possesses as all others have been sent to Nolan to be placed in the collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences. He will send Osler a manuscript on his return. He is interested in Osler's reference to the Biological Club. Mitchell never gave him anything though he promised many times to do so. He asks Osler to jot down notes of his impressions of him. Leidy mentions his fear that the lack of literary style in America is responsible for the poverty that exists among biographers. He asks Osler to write some of his memories of the Biological gatherings. He mentions that his book is almost finished, and wishes that he could have consulted Osler. Civilities. Attached are detailed notes from Cushing about this letter which he considers very important.