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Letters sent to Louise, Princess

January 21, 1915
Osler, William
Louise, Princess

Osler informs Princess Louise her that he went to Salisbury to see cases of cerebro-spinal fever. Details on the hospital there. Good comments about the staff and on one doctor in particular, a young Canadian from the Rockefeller Institute who is an expert in matters relating to the serum treatment of the diseases. Osler does not think the epidemic will be severe. There also have been cases at the Shorncliffe camp, which he will visit. Mentions his interest in the McGill Unit and his hope to go over and help them to get established in France. They will not arrive until the end of April. Recollections of her husband and of his interest in Canada. Enjoins her not to mention the outbreak (of cerebro-spinal fever) at Shorncliffe, as it is not yet known.