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Letters sent to Delavan, D. Bryson

January 6, 1917
Osler, William
Delavan, D. Bryson

(Extract from a letter written to Cushing April 24th, 1920 from Delavan.) Nice to hear from him. These are hard days, but they are keeping up their courage. No one is ready for peace here except a few cranks. Wishes that he could make a visit to America but it is impossible. He is so tired and bound with many things. Mentions Revere who is 21 and in the artillery on the Ancre. Good comments about the latter. He has 22 members of his family in service for Canada. Mentions that the American sympathy and support are greatly appreciated in England. - The rest of the letter concerns a a student, Arthur Jackson in which Delavan is interested and would like Cushing to meet him.