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Letters sent to American Ambassador, Berlin

August 27, 1914
Osler, William
American Ambassador, Berlin

Osler explains that he has had a communication from the U.S. about the supply of salvarsan, the famous 606 remedy for syphilis, which is only made in Germany under Ehrlich's direction. The stoppage of importation by war is most serious. Asks him to induce Ehrlich to allow the manufacture of the drug to be carried on in the U.S.A. under the direction of the Rockefeller Institute, with any conditions financial or otherwise that he wished to impose. He can write to Ehrlich who is an old friend. Mentions that Welch is also a friend of his, has been at Carlsbad under the care of Kraus. He could influence Ehrlich if the Ambassador can reach him. It is possible that Flexner, the Director of the Rockefeller Institute, may already taking that step.